Hair Care Guide

At Naughty Locs Hair Extensions, we are committed to providing our Beauty Goers with quality 100% virgin hair. To ensure the best results and full satisfaction, we ask that you follow this recommended hair care guide. 

Wash the hair under warm water. It is important that you keep the plastic security band around the bundle during this process to avoid tangling. Be sure to run your fingers down the hair shaft. Please Do Not vigorously rub hair together, this action will promote tangling. 

Set out to air dry. Once dry, the hair should be tangled and shed-free. If you detect any problems during this pre-installation process, please contact us immediately. No time to AIr Dry...No Problem...blow dry on the extensions on a low or cool setting. 

We stand behind the quality of our hair 100%. In the rare case that you experience any excessive matting, shedding or tangling within the first week due to a manufacturing issue, please contact us for further consultation. During the consultation we may recommend  the installation be removed and returned. Shipping cost will be assumed by the purchaser.

It is recommended to fold the weft vs, cutting the weft when getting an installation. This method honors the integrity of the extension, reduces shedding and promotes a smoother re-installation.

Machine Wefted Hair: When using the sew-in method, it is recommended to sew around the weft rather than through. This action will most likely compromise the weft resulting in unwanted shedding..

For Best Results: It is important for us to share Tips and Trick or our fav phrase Naughy Hack ! For styling and longevity purposes, we recommend...

  • Trim your ends. Trimming the ends of your extensions gives it a fuller look. 
  • Pin curl when possible. Continuously ironing  the hair can lead to split ends.
  • Always use heat protectant and dime size amount of product on hair; quarter size on textured hair. 
  • Allow proper dry time. Wet or damp extensions may smell and can potentially grow mold.